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My Works in the Past

Ugh! I've been sick since early this month. I've been stuck in the house.

So I've been looking through old photos and remembering the memories of all these years, and I dag out some of the photos and I was playing with them.

This is a photo of some countryside village in Slovenia. I was on a road trip and run into this village. Unfortunately I don't remember the location or the name of the village, but it was a pleasant place to have a break from driving. (Slovenia, 2012)

Two men playing some folk songs at the Buda castle (Budapest, Hungary 2012)

Next 3 photos are from Istanbul, Tarkey. I always wanted to visit this mosque since I was a high school kid. Then I finally did it in 2011.

Ceiling mosaic in the Blue Mosque.

Then Aya Sophia, of course. There were lots of aspect of the long history in this mosque.

I like looking through my old photos because they remind me how I enjoyed taking photos without thinking too much. Now I should grab my camera and start working on my new projects!

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