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Our Tour in Gabon Has Started!

Here we are in Libreville, Gabon!

Since we have assigned the tour in Gabon, we have been so excited and looking forward to move to Libreville. We are so happy to finally be here!

We arrived in Libreville on June 24th, and the first week was so busy trying to adjust to the new life, and the time passed very quickly. The flight to Paris, and Libreville was smooth. I was pleasantly surprised because I was expecting the chaos at the airport, but nothing I was concerning had happend.

Gabon is a country in tropical climate, so it rains a lot. However, May–September is a dry season. That means, right now we are in the middle of the dry season. It seems like we arrived here in a really great time. When I get out from the airport, I was surprised that it was not very humid at all. It can be very hot during the day time, but I can feel nice cool breeze from time to time, and it's very comfortable. It feels cool in the evening and night time as well.

This morning, I walked up to the embassy with the boys. ( It's a walkable distance, but hey, watch out the cars! Some drivers drives crazy fast sometimes!) On the way home after we finished an errand at the embassy, we found a little street connected to the beach. The boys are so excited to see water, and they talked about how they missed the ocean in the last post, Tashkent.

The beach is not really clean in our neighborhood so we wouldn't swim, but it is always nice to see ocean, and listening to the wave coming in and away. We still haven't got our car yet, but looking forward to go to nice sand beach in different area someday. I heard there is a nice spot on the other side of the Libreville. And off course, we are excited to visit some National Park in Gabon. I hear rumor that they are amazing animals. You can see elephant, gorilla, hippo, and sea turtles hatch their eggs in the season. Well, I will report when we actually visit there!

In the afternoon, my wonderful new friend took us to grocery shopping. I have been to 2 supermarket, but she took us all the other major stores. Groceries here are quite pricey. Let's see, handful of green beans are like $10. Off course, imported items are expensive, but frozen items are somewhat reasonable compared to the fresh ones. However, there are good variety of products in the store. It might cost you a lot, but it's nice to have an option. ( Hey, you may have a some crazy craving some times!)

My friend also took us to a Produce Stand. They carry quite good amount of fruits and vegetables.

We can get apples, avocados, pineapples, bananas, zucchinis, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelon, cucumbers, carrots, and e.t.c... Oh, the banana chips in the jar is very good! We can eat very healthy. The boys love to eat apples for snacks, and that's wonderful!

I started to think like speaking French is very crucial in this country. I can say some simple greeting and such, but without my friend, I'm completely useless in the town. One of my goal while we are in Gabon is to learn French!

Well, that's it for today. I have more photos of Libreville to share. I will write about them next time!!

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