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Namibia -Windhoek-

We travelled through Southern Africa from November 27th to December 26th.

The first part of this trip started in Windhoek, Namibia.

My husband had to work the first two weeks, so we didn't do a lot in this city, but as soon as I arrived I already loved this place.

The climate was a desert climate. The air was dry. It has strong sunshine during the day, but I didn't feel the heat. It was really pleasant. We ate the breakfast on the terrace and felt the nice breezes.

The food was tasty, and you can eat out with pretty reasonably. Our favorite restaurants were "Joe's beer house" and "The Stellenbosch Wine Bar & Bistro". They serve very good steaks, and you can order game meet like oryx, zebra, springbok, or crocodile!

There is a game park called "Daan Viljoen Game Park" in Windhoek. We visited there on the weekend to experience a mini safari. As soon as we were close to the park we saw a giraffe, and I was so excited! At the park we saw some other giraffes, zebras, and orstriches.

We also found some wildebeests at the park. The are so cool creatures. The kids bravely walked closer and closer.

After we drove through the park to find some animals, we did some hiking. It was a little tough to walk in the dry air, but it was good excercise, and I was able to take some landscape pictures.

Our trip continued to Etosha National Park for a big safari experience!

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