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Fish Market

I love fish. I just can not live without seafood.

One of the big thing that I was looking forward to do was eating seafood when we moved in Gabon. Last place we lived was a landlocked country, so it was really hard to get fish, or very expensive. Now we are in Gabon and we are right near the water! I thought I could get fish reasonably, and enjoy it all the time because, you know, you would think fish are swimming anywhere in the ocean. However, I was quite desappointed when I looked at the price of fish at the supermarket. It was pretty expensive like other products. As I mentioned before the cost of living is quite high here. So I almost gave up my dream of eating fish everyday...

Last week, I was told that there are some local fish markets in downtown, and a lovely lady took me there last Saturday. I didn't know what I was expecting what the fish market would look like here in Gabon, but when I get there, I found the shop was very well organized. The fish was covered with ice, and looked nice and fresh.

There were large variety of fish at the shop. I found grouper, red snapper, hogfish, tilapia, sole fish, tuna, sardine, and other fish I don't know the name of. The manager took order from me, and explained the kind of the fish, and how to cook it. I was so excited to see all the fish, and started thinking about cooking them and enjoying them for dinner, but then I realized, well, how am I supposed to clean and gut the fish, and make fillet? Maybe, do I have to find Youtube tutorial "How to gut fish"? But I didn't have to worry because the guys at the fish market clean the fish and make it fillet for me! How nice is that!

These guys were super friendly, and they loved when I took pictures of them. They were proud of their work, and showed off their skills of cleaning the fish. I love this kind of interaction with local people. I had great time spending time at the fish market. It's way more enjoyable than I just shop at a supermarket.

I ended up buying 4 huge fish which worth of 7 - 8 meals for 4 people, and the price was about $60. Well, I think it's very reasonable!

Now I know where to go when I want to eat fish, and I don't have to give up my seafood cravings!

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