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Brothers Portrait at Beach

Details are coming later, but I have been thinking starting photography business here in Gabon. It will be something like taking family photos, being photographer at events, making photo albums for others, and so on. I'm working on making business cards, and brain storming some ideas for the last couple of weeks. It's been really fun!

I have been taking pictures for about 10 years now. It has been only hobby, but to confess, there were some moments that I couldn't find joy taking pictures. I couldn't satisfy the photos I took, and I thought they all seemed came out very boring and no expression.

Last Christmas, we bought toy cameras for our sons. They were so happy, and when we go out, they go out with their cameras all the time, and take pictures whatever the scene they want to take. They don't care how good the results are. They just enjoy the action.

Then I realized that I used to be able to take pictures without thinking, and just happy holding my camera, and happy with whatever the photos I took. So, I decided to hold my camera again, and take with me as much as chance I have, and it has been very good. My positive feeling about photography has been back. At the end, I really like taking pictures. I always think about it. I decided to take it seriously (but in a happy way, off course!). This is how I came up with the idea of starting business. Friends in Libreville, stay tuned for more details! ;)

Anyways, today I just wanted to practice taking portrait. I'm so grateful to have sons who willingly cooperate with me to do so. I took them to the beach this morning. We should have left house a little earlier (or later) for the better lighting, but oh well, c'est la vie.

Here are the photos.

Beach photo session is fun! It could be wet and messy, but the boys loved it! When the subjects are having fun, it shows in the photos. I could capture the genuine smiles. I always try to take photos as natural as possible. I hope whoever wants to have photo session with me would enjoy the moment as well!

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