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Jordan 2021, Part 1 - Amman -

I was long overdue for this blog post, but I finally took time to edit photos from our trip to Jordan in summer of 2021.

Amman and Jerash (August 18-21, 2021)

We flew from Libreville, Gabon and arrived at Queen Alia International Airport late in Amman. We are all tired from the flight so it was natural that we got rental car and straight to the hotel. St. Regis Amman was our accommodation during the stay in Amman. Amazing amenities, services, and staff. They could even help us finding hair salon for the boys to get haircut! :D

Day 1, we decided explore the city and checked out the Amman Citadel, an an archeological site in the middle of downtown Amman.

The view of the part of theTemple of Hercules is phenomenal..

You can find some interesting facts at the archaeological museum.

View of city of Amman.

Day 2, we drive up north to visit Jerash. The city is famous for the archaeological site of the walled Roman ruins, this whole complex is amazing, and once I was there I almost felt like as if I were back in the era, and could hear noise of people and city.

It was a long walk and a little bit of hike, but it totally worth the effort and time. Bring lots of water if you are visiting in the warm season!

Arch of Hadrian

View through Oval Plaza towards the Temple of Artemis

I love how we can see the modern city right next to the ruins.

Amphitheater. Performers were playing bagpipe, and you can't believe how well was the sound even from the top of the seat.

Our trip continued to the experience in the Dead Sea...


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