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South Africa -Cape Peninsula, Cape Agulhas-

We drove down the Cape Peninsula all the way to the Cape of Good Hope. Driving along the coast line was stunning. Especially driving through Champman's Peak was impressive. Each town has a different character. Our favorite villages were Kalk Bay and Muizenberg.

One of the highlights of driving down the peninsula was seeing African penguins at Boulders Bay. We saw many penguins sunbathing and playing on the beach. They were very adorable. The boys were very excited to see the penguins and imitated the way they walk.

Finally, we reached Cape Point. Located there is the Cape of Good Hope. This is the most southernwesterly point of the Cape Peninsula. This area is a part of Table Mountain National Park. Needless to say, the the view was fabulous. The Atlantic Ocean shows its color very blue, and the waves were hitting the rocky coast powerfully. The feeling of the water was really good, too.

We also went to the tip of the African Continent. This place is called Cape Agulhas. There was a sign to show where marks the southernmost point of the continent. At that point the two oceans, the Indian and Atlantic, meet together. This was really cool.

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