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South Africa -Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront, Botanical Garden-

Now we are in Cape Town, South Africa.

Once I got to the city, the first thing that caught my eyes was huge mountain in the big city. That mountain is called "Table Mountain".

To go top of the mountain, you can hike or take a cable car. Well, we took the easy way. But you have to be patient! You may need to wait in quite a long line to get on the cable car.

On the top of the mountain, we went for a short hike while looking down at the whole city of Cape Town, beautiful beaches, and the beautiful ocean. The weather was amazing, and we had a great time.

Cape Town is a big city. It has a cute shopping area in downtown called "V&A Waterfront". There is a big shopping mall and many nice reataurants. You can buy unique African souvenirs, too. When we visited, it was Christmas week, so they decorated bright ornaments, and the area was filled with Christmas colors and decorations.

We had lunch at one of the seafood reataurant. While eating tasty food, I could smell the fresh ocean and the breeze was confortable.

Not far away from the city center, there is a botanical garden named the "Kristenbosch National Botanical Garden". We went here on Christmas morning. Many people were having Christmas picnic on the grass.

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