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South Africa -Wine Tasting-

Before this Southern Africa trip, I had heard a lot about nice South African wine, so I booked a wine tasting a month before the trip and was really looking forward to it.

When we drove throughout the western cape, the scenery changed dramatically. The western cape is covered in vineyards. There are lots of wineries, and grapevines everywhere . The houses are laid out in a cute farm house style. I felt like I was somewhere in Europe.

We had a wine tasting at one of the oldest wineries, Spier Wine Estate.

My husband and I enjoyed seven different kinds of wine at a really reasonable price, and the kids tasted grape juice with a delicious organic food platter.

At this winery, other than the wine tasting people can enjoy a picnic in the idyllic property. Of course shopping for your favorite wine after the wine tasting is essential!

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