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Trip to Upcountry #1

I traveled Northern region of Togo over the last weekend.

It was about 6 hours drive to the final destination, Kara. The road condition were not great, but the scenery of rural area in Togo is very green and pleasant. Since I wasn't the driver (thanks to my husband drive all the way up to through the stressful driving on the West African road!), I really enjoyed the road trip.

scenery in Atakpame

Scenery in Atakpame

scenery in Atakpame


We stopped at the town, Sokode.

Entrance of the Alaffia compound

The workers there are mostly women, and they work really hard. Every products are made by their hands.

There is another facility few minutes away from this main compound. They make "Queen Alaffia" collection there. They make fabric items such as bags, wallets, batik fabrics, etc. The women at Queen Alaffia were rescued from prostitution and work there. All of the products Alaffia makes are very well and beautifully made. I was very fortunate for being able to see all these process in person.

After they wash the cacao beans, they are drying before they start processing.

They select the cacao beans by hands.

Crashed cacao beans.

Cacao Butter

Basket makers. The woman on the right was really interested in my camera, and asked me to take her picture.

They start making from the base of baskets.

Final process of baskets making.

A woman at the Queen Alaffia.

After we left Sokode, continued driving to Kara.

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