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A Little Taste of Uzbekistan

The transition to new home was quite smooth.

It's been 2 months since we moved in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I had no idea what life here would be like here prior to moving to this country. To be honest, I have been worried about living here since I don't know anything about the customs, people, or the language. However, I feel very comfortable living in this city.

Hastimam, the museum and souvenir compound.

People here are very kind. I think they tend to be quiet, but very respectful. I like how they great. They put one hand on the chest and bow a little bit. Even a little kids do this gesture when they say goodbye to their teacher or adults. I'm following this custom. Also they respect bread, like Japanese respect rice but more higher level. They don't walk over the bread, through bread away.They don't want to spill any bread crumbs even. When they have to throw bread away, they prepare a separate box for bread, so those bread goes to farm and animals can eat them.

However the bread here is so so so good, and who wants to throw this away! I found a little bakery near my house and I can buy fresh warm bread anytime. When the breads just come our from the stone oven, they smell so good, are so soft, and warm. I can buy dough from the vender, and it makes nice pizza crust!

Breads in a stone oven. Good things are happening in there.

Uzbekistan is on the Silk Road. I love the mixture of culture of Middle East and Asia. The arts and crafts are beautiful and skillful. They require a lot of experience and practice for sure.

The traditional embroidery called Suzani.

He burns the wood and create shadows. The completed arts are above.

The old buildings with turquoise roofs are usually mosques or museums. They have incredible mosaic tile work. I've seen few islamic influenced architecture in the world, but each of them are slightly different, and I think they are all historical and beautiful.

We are visiting a city Bukhara in few weeks. I'm sure I will see more interesting things. I'm ready to bring my camera and explore more!

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