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Tashkent - Ashgabat Rally #5

Day 7 – I Can See Iran from my House!

There is a mechanic affiliated with Embassy Ashgabat who is a bit of a car guru. He got both cars up and running in no time, and T and L bought three extra tires just in case for the trip home. After we loaded up the carpets and the troops, the road east opened up.

The road from Ashgabat to Mary rides right along (within a few meters) of the Turkmen-Iranian border. Lush green mountains and a town with an Iranian flag comprised the view just outside the passenger windows.

The road was in marvelous condition all the way, and after the trials and tribulations getting into Ashgabat, everyone was relieved at the simplicity going to Mary. It was a pleasant enough town with an all-too-familiar white and gold city center. Mary will be a transit stop on any itinerary from Tashkent-Ashgabat, and it is a comfortable place to stay.

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